Posting Your Open Jobs

We offer a very robust platform to Promote Your open Jobs. Our standard packages allow for hiring companies to post up unlimited jobs. If you are looking to customize, we can help. 

Full Access to Online Resume Profiles

We provide a powerful search feature to share with you all the job seekers currently seeking new opportunities. The Job seekers in our database are from all sectors of the Real Estate Operations. You will have access to view the job seekers background, years of experience, fully downloadable resumes and much more.

Automated Qualified Candidate Leads

Our automated lead-Matching algorithms will allow us find Job Seekers who meet most of your specific attributes such as years of experience, job title, location and education requirements. Our automated lead matching system will inform you of any potential leads 24/7. We provide you a sign-in platform to view your potential leads and click-thru statistics.


Frequently Asked Questions

By the Hiring Manager

What happens after I sign Up for a Hiring Manager Account?

After signing up for the Hiring Manager Account. Go to your user account dashboard to navigate around the tools and features we have installed for you. To complete your sign-up process, go through our account setup wizard to finish setting up your account.   

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, simply contact us and we will downgrade your account to a claim listing account. All future monthly charges will stop and you will only receive general information about events and promotions.

How will a job seeker contact me?

After you have finished setting up your account profile. Job Seekers will be able to view your company details to include your contacts, social media channels, location of your headquarters, what type of real estate you specializes in. Subscribers and job seekers will be able to contact you via your dedicated profile page.

Can I call or email the job seekers directly?

Of course, they will be happy to hear from you. You can contact the job seekers directly by Logging into your account and search by filter all ‘active’ job seekers. Every job seeker will provide you their contact details, skills, background, qualifications and a downloadable resume.

How do I setup job postings?

When you login, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Locate Job Listing Tab and create & Publish all your available openings.

What size should my job listing profile image be?

Great question. The recommended default settings are a free (open) ratio, a width of 750, and a height of 400. This version of the image will also be used for social media sharing

How many job seekers are looking at our profile and job openings?

All hiring manager account holders receive a statistics bar to determine how many clicks your profile and job openings are receiving. Clicks vary depending on your job locations, candidate availability and demand. Ask our recruiting team about featuring your jobs and website banner advertising.  

How do I search for Job Seekers?

We provide search filters by Real Estate type, Asset type, Department, Job Title, salary range, designations, education, certifications and so on. You must be logged into your account to search for available job seekers. Find ‘Search Resume’ link at the top of the dashboard page and begin your search. You will be able to review the job seekers contact details, skills, background, qualifications and a downloadable resume.