Take Away From Multifamily Events and Conferences

Multifamily events and conferences are becoming more popular every year, however if you want to grow your business it’s a lot more complex than simply attending the event or conference – you need to take certain steps that will help you grow.

Take Advantage of the Learning Aspect

As soon as you get to the event or conference, make sure that you take advantage of the learning aspect. Have a look at who will be speaking and if you can find them around make sure to ask them about their speech and what they intend to talk about.

Learning doesn’t just stop at the speeches though, it also involves your peers. Make sure to network with people at the event or conference, have a friendly chat and learn about each other’s business, what obstacles you’ve overcome recently and things of that nature.

When you’re talking to other people in your industry at the event, make sure that you don’t think of this as “networking”. When we think of networking, the majority of us think about cheesy elevator pitches and handing out business cards. The best way to go about doing this is just having a casual friendly chat, don’t think about it as strictly business, but instead focus on building a new friendship.

Keep Yourself Organized

If you have followed the advice in the above section then you would have taken full advantage of the learning aspect of the event or conference, so chances are that you have a lot of resources and notes that you are taking home with you.

Don’t simply throw these notes and resources away, instead neatly organize them using something such as a ring binder, a separate drawer or filing cabinet, or anything else you can think of. If possible, organize the notes and resources by category, so you can flick through them whenever you need help on a certain aspect of your business.

Take Action

Now that you have attended the event or conference, utilized the learning aspect, have all your notes and resources neatly organized, now is the time to take action!

Many people will attend events, conferences, or seminars and even though they might absorb the material during the time that they are there, when they get back home it’s as if they never even went there! You need to apply the material that you’ve learnt into your business. So don’t delay, take action as soon as possible and use what you’ve learnt!