This agreement is entered into by and between [Company] and 3rd parties that this entity represents herewith known as (Client) located at ABC Lane, Orlando Florida 32810 and RecruiterMixer herewith known as (Consultant), located at 1800 Pembrook Dr., Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32810.

Engagement: Client engages RecruiterMixer for Talent Acquisitions Services to acquire and retain On-site, Management, and Executive level professionals for full-time employment at the Client or for internal positions that are targeted as full-time employment with the Client. Should the organization hire our candidate on a part-time or contract basis, the fee will be equal to the negotiated fee for a fulltime placement. Employment negotiations will be between Client and RecruiterMixer only, and all offers of employment will be tendered solely to RecruiterMixer for subsequent consideration by the candidate. RecruiterMixer will communicate all initial offers to the candidate.

Fee: The agreed upon placement fee 15% of the annual negotiated and/or accepted fulltime salary of the candidate selected for hire is payable on the first day the selected candidate commences employment or performs the duties as full-time employee of the Client. Client agrees to pay invoice in full within (15) days of the hire date of our candidate. RecruiterMixer will provide a 60-Day Guarantee as probationary period for all placements (refer to terms of 60-day Guarantee) as long as payment of the fee is received in full within accordance of the net (15) day terms. The Client agrees a fee of 3% per month will be added to all balances unpaid after (15) days.

60-Day Guarantee: Should a candidate be found unacceptable or be terminated for substantiated, justifiable, and reasonable cause within the 60 Day Guarantee period, the initial fee is nonrefundable until RecruiterMixer has had a fair and reasonable opportunity to provide additional candidates for said role/position with the Client. In the case Client sources and retains a replacement candidate without affording RecruiterMixer the opportunity to complete a 30-day replacement search, Client agrees no further action is required by RecruiterMixer and no refund will be issued to the Client.

RecruiterMixer agrees to engage in an effort to source, identify, and retain the appropriate candidate for the role/position at no additional cost to Client. In the case RecruiterMixer is not able to source, identify, and retain the appropriate resource for the Client within a period not to exceed 30 days, RecruiterMixer will provide a refund portion of the fee to client within 45 days of termination of this agreement based on the following schedule:

• 0-30 worked days: 50% of the placement fee will be refunded to Client by RecruiterMixer
• 31-60 worked days: 25% of the placement fee will be refunded to Client by RecruiterMixer

Transportation, accommodations and relocation expense: If a candidate visits the Client location prior to hiring for the purposes of interviewing or other reasons associated with the hiring process, the Client will need to approve and be responsible for paying the cost of all temporary housing, hotel stays, flights, and transportation costs incurred for the interview.

Additional Terms and Compensation: Referred candidates are considered to be active RecruiterMixer candidate for a period of (6) six months from the date of initial referral to Client. Should Client hire or employ a referred candidate in any job during this period, the fees as described above under Fees are considered to be due to RecruiterMixer. Should a candidate referred to Client by RecruiterMixer be passed on by the Client or one of its employees or representatives to a third party with resulting permanent engagement, the Client will become liable for the placement fee. A full fee will be charged for any candidate engaged as a consequence of or resulting from application to RecruiterMixer even though the introduction is made indirectly, or the applicant was known prior to introduction by the Client unless Client immediately notifies RecruiterMixer of recent and prior employment conversations which Client has conducted with a specific candidate within the 90 days preceding RecruiterMixer referral to Client.

Protection of Personal Data: The files of candidate(s) that are submitted to the client by RecruiterMixer remain the property of RecruiterMixer (except the file concerning the hired candidate). All the files must be treated as confidential and returned to RecruiterMixer. They cannot be submitted to a third party or used directly or indirectly.

Interview policy: To ensure a strong candidate match with Client, RecruiterMixer requests that the candidate interviews with the Director, Manager, or most qualified Agent of the Client with expertise or strong acumen within the specific skillsets, modality, or specialty of the position for which the candidate is being considered.

Governing Law: This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to conflicts of laws or principles, and the parties hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the local and federal courts in Florida.