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Recruiting Process - Our Property Management Recruiters and Real Estate Executive Recruiters specialize in executive placements for corporate
Recruiting Process, Introduction, search begins, talent assessment, presenting candidates, Meet and Greet, Staying Connected
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Recruiting Process

step 1-introduction - recruiting process



Conference call with the hiring manager or HR representative to discuss the ideal candidate, company culture and expectations for the available position.

Step 2 - Search Begins

Search Begins


Sourcing top talent commences using our database of over 60,000 candidates, local networks, social media channels and launching digital media campaigns.

step 3 - talent assessment

Talent Assessment


Depending on the role being sourced our candidates are required to successfully complete a skills assessment which measures their qualifications for the sourced position to ensure the ideal fit.

step 4 - Presenting Candidates

Presenting Candidates


Once the ideal candidates are identified, our clients receive an electronic candidate selection package.

step 5 - meet and greet

Meet and Greet


Our recruiters coordinate directly with our clients the first meet and greet, follow up interviews and all the way through to the employment offer.

step 6 - staying connected

Staying Connected


Staying connected to our clients after a RecruiterMixer candidate joins their team, is our top priority. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and a successful one for both our candidates and clients.

We understand your business and what kind of candidates you are looking for. Contact us today and let us know what openings you have, so we can begin sending candidates your way.

Are you actively looking for new employment to advance your career in Property Management or Hospitality. Upload your resume so we can match your skills with active open positions nationwide.

Multifamily Executive Recruiters

Client Commitment

At RecruiterMixer, we spend countless hours networking, using social media channels and pre-screening candidates to source only the best talent for our clients. We have a developed a unique recruiting methodology to ensure the candidates presented to our clients for consideration are the perfect match to the position, culture and company.

About Us - Multifamily Executive Recruiters

Candidate Sign-Up

Candidates: Sign up for FREE today and begin receiving job alerts from all opportunities we are currently recruiting for in the Multifamily and hospitality industry. Connect with one of our Multifamily Executive Recruiters to receive latest job opportunities and resume coaching.

Multifamily Executive Recruiters

Employer Sign-Up

One of the biggest problems that employers are facing today is hiring, many employers simply don’t have the time nor the resources to get the talented workforce that they’re really looking for. Just imagine how much this could impact your business if you could finally get the proper workforce on board. We are here to help!