Full Service Executive Recruiting in Real Estate

Let’s begin by speaking about our Real Estate Services and our multifamily recruiters for a moment! RecruiterMixer is built on the principle of excellence. Excellence in our moral and professional obligation to our clients. Yet, we believe what separates us miles ahead from our apartment staffing competitors is the understanding of one simple principle: It is that we understand and prioritize our client’s needs above all. Our multifamily apartment recruiters understand the uncertainty that comes with trusting someone with the immense responsibility and liability. That is why we aspire to build an authentic relationship with each of our clients to help meet their goals and concerns.

Job Descriptions

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Our Recruiters have created standard job description templates for multiple roles

$59 – $129

Real Estate Services

Resume Writing

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You can do this by making an small investment in how you present yourself to a potential employer while standing out from the rest.

$500 – $600

Additional Real Estate Services

Additional to our Executive Recruiting efforts, RecruiterMixer offers add-on services designed for job seekers and hiring managers.

Resume Templates

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Our Executive Real Estate Recruiters created standard job description templates for roles in the Multifamily Industry