Real Estate Salary Range – United States

Cash compensation (the combined annual base salary and incentive bonus) for those entering the business is contingent upon several factors including, but not limited to: Geographic location, Experience, Educational level, Achievement of one or more professional credentials, The position and primary job responsibilities, The industry sector and employer
In addition to base salary and the potential for an annual incentive bonus, real estate management professionals often have access to a wide range of other benefits. These may include: Participation in equity ownership of real estate or company ownership, Housing allowance (occasionally provided to on-site multifamily property managers), Health care benefits, Participation in professional associations, Pension and 401(k) plans, Flextime

Real Estate Salary Range

Job Title - USAMedian Base SalaryAverage Bonus %
Acquisitions Associate$89,90020.60%
Acquisitions Director$148,90045.60%
Acquisitions Executive$210,900120.60%
Affordable Housing Manager$66,90016.60%
Assistant Property Manager$40,10012.60%
Chief Engineer$103,90022.60%
Chief Executive Officer$309,90084.60%
Chief Financial Officer$295,90056.60%
Chief Operating Officer$294,90056.60%
Commercial Property Manager$62,90014.60%
Community Association Manager$66,90016.60%
Construction Executive$189,90049.60%
Construction Manager$88,90018.60%
Construction On-Site Manager$96,90017.60%
Development Manager$118,90022.60%
Director of Business Development$135,90045.60%
Director of Finance$189,90022.60%
Director of Human Resources$139,90022.60%
Director of IT$149,90015.60%
Director of Marketing$135,90022.60%
Director of Operations$179,90022.60%
Director of Public Relations$189,90019.60%
Division President$289,90045.60%
Facilities Manager$100,90011.60%
Financial Analysis$87,90017.60%
Lease Administrator$32,90014.60%
Lease-up Manager$42,90025.60%
Leasing Associate$32,00019.40%
Leasing Manager$42,90025.60%
Maintenance Supervisor$51,6009.10%
Maintenance Technician I$36,9006.50%
Maintenance Technician II$40,7005.70%
Market Analysis$74,9004.60%
Marketing Director$85,90011.60%
Multi-Site Manager$78,90016.60%
Occupancy Specialist$64,9009.60%
On-Site Administrator$32,90014.60%
Operations Analyst$74,9006.60%
Portfolio Manager$111,90022.60%
Project Administrator$57,90010.60%
Project Analyst$76,90022.60%
Project Manager$58,90018.60%
Property Manager <150 Units$47,10014.80%
Property Manager <300 Units$58,10016.60%
Property Manager <450 Units$66,10016.60%
Property Manager >450 Units$72,10017.60%
Regional Maintenance Supervisor$88,90011.60%
Regional Marketing Director$85,90016.60%
Regional Property Manager$111,90022.60%
Regional Support Administrator$59,90012.60%
Resident Services Manager$42,90016.60%
Senior Asset Management Executive$157,90035.60%
Senior Development Director$156,90027.60%
Senior Leasing Executive$42,90025.60%
Senior Project Manager$88,90022.60%
Senior Property Controller$89,90015.60%
Staff Accountant$57,9004.60%
Vice President of Asset Management$226,90075.60%
Vice President of Business$180,90041.60%
Vice President of Construction$189,90049.60%
Vice President of Finance$206,90045.60%
Vice President of Human Resources$158,90022.60%
Vice President of Operations$170,50030.30%
Vice President of Property Management$170,50030.30%
Vice President of Marketing$185,50028.00%
Vice President of Technology$189,50022.00%
Vice President of Public Relations$199,50022.00%

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