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RecruiterMixer offers Referral rewards

There is no greater compliment than receiving a candidate referral from top talent in the Multifamily Industry, that’s YOU! Have we told you how much we love to pay referral rewards? Our favorite thing to do is to pay those referral rewards, so keep those referrals coming our way and earn more referral rewards.

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Reward Program

A “RRR “referral bonus in the amount of $250.00 for any candidate will be paid by Recruitermixer who is referred and recommended by YOU and placed (hired) with one of our client companies. Client companies is defined as a company that has executed a placement contract with Recruitermixer for a specific position.

When you complete the referral application, you agree to the following terms: Acceptance of these RRR terms means you agree to and  understand completely the guidelines for the RRR program. Recruitermixer at it’s sole  discretion may change the terms of this agreement at any time to include the reward fee or method of payment and is not required to notify YOU of a change of such terms.

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Qualified Referral

YOU will be paid an RRR should your candidate referral be placed with one of our client companies within a (1) one year period of time from the actual referral date.
The candidate referral must be employed by the Recruiterrmixer client for a minimum of (3) three months.

The electronic Recruitermixer candidate referral form must be completed prior to the date Recruitermixer receives the referral candidate’s resume.
A referral fee will not be not be paid if the candidate referral is currently in the Recruitermixer candidate database prior to the electronic Recruiterrmixer form being completed by YOU.

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All RRR rewards will be paid out through a digital wire transfer from Recruitermixer to YOU/R personal bank account. Should you not have an established personal bank account established in YOU/R legal name, you will forfeit the $250 RRR.
Recruitermixer will notify you in writing via email when your candidate referral has met the eligibility for the RRR payout.

YOU will have fifteen business days to respond to Recruitermixer’s request for your personal banking details. Failure to respond to Recruitermixer’s request will result in you forfeiting the $250 RRR.

Recruitermixer will have 30 business days to complete the digital wire transfer to YOU/R personal bank account in the amount of $250.00.
Earned RRR’s can not be transferred or paid out to heirs, successors, executors, etc.

Real Estate Paid Referral

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