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Maintenance Supervisor – San Diego, California

Maintenance Supervisor – San Diego, California

CAREERS: Property Management – Location: San Diego, California

Looking for a Maintenance Supervisor – The Maintenance Manager is an integral member of the property management team and business partner with the Community Director, ensuring the quality of the property and contributing to the satisfaction of residents. Responsible for an effective maintenance and repair department in order to cultivate resident satisfaction and protect the asset as directed by the Community Director.  Position is responsible for anticipating, identifying, and correcting any problems involving the property and for the supervision, training and scheduling of maintenance technicians.

Position is responsible for ensuring that vacated apartments are restored to “market ready” status and work orders are completed within established timeframes and quality standards; maintaining the physical integrity of the property by performing maintenance and repair tasks; providing a comfortable and well-maintained living environment for residents, visitors and staff; and identifying and correcting potential safety and liability issues as well as other physical defects on the properties.
Essential Functions
Maintenance Team Leadership
Train, motivate and evaluate employees, communicating frequently, in order to develop and maintain employee commitment and competence to execute focused, organized and reliable performance and achievement of community maintenance goals.
Training and Evaluation:
  • Spend time working side by side with team members, reviewing work, demonstrating what effective performance looks like, and giving positive and constructive feedback throughout the day
  • Review outstanding work for each team member, help prioritize and set deadlines and expectations; provide regular feedback about performance and give additional training as needed
  • Review quality and quantity of work, ensuring all team members are participating in turns, service requests and deferred preventative maintenance on a regular basis
  • Lead daily team meetings, setting daily objectives, following up on accomplishments from previous day and giving employee recognition as appropriate
  • Promote and facilitate open communication with employees and across the team, soliciting and encouraging new ideas and process improvements
  • Establish priorities, scheduling, coordinating and oversight of projects to ensure timely and quality completion of work
  • Ensure appropriate level inventory is on hand in order to meet timely completion of service requests and make ready turns objectives
  • Organize and clean maintenance shop and carts
  • Maintain a professional appearance with clean uniform, ID badges, and a overall professional presentation
Planning & Execution:
  • Evaluate work progress, obtain additional resources, and/or reprioritize assigned work ensuring completion of maintenance and custodial daily objectives during employee absence/vacations and peak workloads
  • Utilize pre-move out inspections, MRI reports, budgeted community projects and turn board to appropriately prioritize and plan for timely execution of work
Maintenance Services and Operations
Manage and implement IRM Maintenance Program, budget, and activities including:  make readies, service requests and general maintenance in order to provide a quality customer experience, achieve customer loyalty and community occupancy and NOI objectives.
Make Readies
Direct and guide maintenance staff to complete refurbishment of vacant units within an average of three to six working days according to Eye of Excellence standards as well perform hands-on tasks to complete work
  • Perform pre-move out inspections and utilize information gained for pre-scheduling of vendors and pre-ordering of required materials
  • Perform move out inspections with residents, assess charges, document damage in order to facilitate processing SODAs
  • Change out lock, update turn board daily, fill out make ready check list and complete Move-in Move-out Inspection Report for each vacated apartment
  • Update MRI rent ready status when apartment is turned; keep Community Director and/or office staff informed on issues related to a delay in turning a vacant apartment
Resident Service Requests
  • Oversee and respond to 95% service requests within 24 hours and within a quality manner to ensure that requests are fulfilled
  • Communicate in a professional, tactful, courteous manner with residents. Notify resident of status of work order when appropriate
  • Document the specific work that is completed, parts used, time spent within the apartment, etc. on the work order before it is closed out
  • Track and close out work orders within MRI and run pending work orders report daily to ensure timely completion. Review work order reports to detect and proactively address service request trends and update Community Director and/or Office staff as necessary.
  • Spot check quality of work orders, use as training, feedback and recognition opportunities.  Ensure all Fenton work orders are completed to Fenton standards.
Vendor Management
Select/recommend, orient, monitor, evaluate vendor work to ensure they meet Fenton quality, timeliness and cost standards.
  • Schedule, oversee, evaluate, and provide feedback to vendors to ensure compliance with contracts; hold vendors accountable for quality, timeliness, and costs; ensure vendors are pre-approved and certificates of insurance obtained; provides timely feedback to Community Director and Director of Regional Maintenance.
  • Direct common area vendors (pest control, landscaping, pool) weekly to ensure scope of work per Fenton contract is completed in a satisfactory manner
  • Communicate with office staff the status and quality of vendor work
Asset Preservation/Preventative Maintenance
Plan, perform and monitor preventative maintenance and manage execution of capital projects in order to preserve the long-term quality and value of community and customer loyalty.
  • Manage the Preventative Maintenance Program and ensure all preventative maintenance work is done on schedule in a quality manner, documenting progress in Monthly Preventative Maintenance Report
  • Walk and inspect common areas (building exteriors, amenities and grounds) daily, create punch list of deficiencies, assign work and ensure correction of deficiencies
  • Create deferred maintenance list, inform Community Director and ensure issues are addressed and corrected
  • Collaborate with Community Director to identify and complete maintenance projects that ensure the community is preserved and well maintained (paint, asphalt, boiler, interior upgrades, roofing, drainage, HVAC, wood replacement, lighting, fitness equipment, landscape)
  • Collaborate with Community Director on researching specifications, obtaining bids, and making recommendations to complete maintenance related needs
Financial Management
Monitor and manage controllable and uncontrollable maintenance expenses and utilize related systems and tools in order to meet business plan objectives.
  • Manage annual budget and maintain Budget Control Log and Annual Budget Explanation Worksheet
  • Review and make financial decisions based on maintenance expenditure rationale (weighing the option to complete work internally vs externally, immediately addressing and correcting life/safety issues, etc), consulting with the Community Director when there is a need to spend money outside budget; balance cost, quality and service guidelines when making recommendations
  • Analyze and track purchasing and vendor invoices against Budget Control Log to ensure satisfactory work is performed, amount billed is correct, and vendors are paid timely
Safety and Risk Management
Train, implement and monitor safety program and practices and resolve safety hazards and concerns in order to maintain a safe work environment and the company’s ability to achieve safety goals.
  • Manage and monitor safety program and practices, leading safety meetings and training staff on safe practices
  • Recognize, report, and correct safety deficiencies, liabilities, injuries, or issues reporting injury and/or damage claims to the Community Director promptly
  • Ensure that emergency binder is accurate and current and includes emergency evacuation and utility shut offs
  • Inspect equipment and tools, maintain and educate staff regarding MSDS book
  • Maintain CPR/First Aid Certification and use skills as needed
  • Communicate, reinforce, and comply with policies, OSHA, health, safety, and Fair Housing regulations in a positive manner.  Participate in inspections and communication with local officials and inspectors as requested.
Situational Self Leadership
Utilizing SSL knowledge and skills, take personal responsibility for partnering and communicating with Supervisor / Manager to obtain the leadership style needed to develop competence and commitment in key goals, skills and tasks and contribute to overall job effectiveness and satisfaction. Includes, but not limited to:
  • Establishes and understands key responsibility areas, with agreement from Manager
  • Establishes and obtains agreement on annual goals
  • Conducts regular One-on-One meetings with Manager

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