How to Get a Promotion in Property Management – No matter what industry you currently work in, or what industry you are aiming to work in, a promotion is most likely always something that you’ll aim for. We all want to feel that we are advancing especially in our careers, and a promotion is perhaps the best way to demonstrate this advancement.

The unfortunate truth though is that the vast majority of us struggle with promotions, we are often either unsure of how exactly we can get a promotion, or feel as if we deserve one but don’t exactly know how to ask for one.

The Best Kept Secret to Getting a Promotion

It’s safe to say that there definitely is a “secret” to getting a promotion, and there are many reasons why some people get promoted whilst others stay at the same spot on the corporate ladder for a number of years. You might think that the secret is to work hard, but this isn’t necessarily true…

The most important thing when it comes to getting a promotion (not just in the property management field, but in any field) is your mindset and perspective.

The problem is that many of us start a job to get paid, which is completely understandable considering that you can’t live for free. After a while of working a job it’s easy to feel a sense of security, and this security is often what makes people slack off and not do their best work, instead they just do enough to meet their minimum quota.

This might help you get by, but it will not help you get a promotion. If you want to have the best chance of a promotion, you need a change of mindset. Instead of thinking about getting paid, you should be thinking about how you can meet a need, how you can provide value.

How This Will Effect You & Why It Works

A change of mindset (as we have discussed above) is going to have a huge effect on you when it comes to your work. When you’re not thinking about getting paid and instead thinking of how you can provide value, you actually will produce value. This helps you get a promotion for a number of reasons…

Many people don’t think about this, but when you start a job the employer is actually taking a risk on you. There are many legal aspects that the employer must deal with, and let’s not forget about the salary.

Let’s say hypothetically that you’re working a job at the moment and your employer is paying you $2,500 per month. If you’re only generating $1,000 per month for your employer, then this is bad business and you’re not producing value. Look at your current work output and ask yourself if what you’re producing is enough to justify what you’re getting paid.

So if you have been struggling with a promotion recently, we’d like to hear your story after what you have just read here today. Do you think that you are currently producing more than what you’re getting paid, or less?