The Following are the most common resume formats that are used and that most recruiters expect to see:

Reverse Chronological: This resume format is the most common and it is designed to showcase your work history in chronological order with the most recent job at the top. This is the preferred format for many hiring managers. It is a great choice if your career path demonstrates a clear arc pointing right to the job you are applying for as the next logical step.

Functional: A functional resume is grouped into skill sections which adds an emphasis on your specific qualifications for the position you are applying for while deemphasizing your job history. This format can be a solid strategic choice when you have a non-traditional career path, are making a significant career change, or have work gaps that may be glaring if presented in chronological style.

Hybrid: In many cases, a combination of the two styles may be your best bet to put your best foot forward on a resume. By combining elements of each style, you may be able to tell a story with your resume that is the strongest fit possible to the exact position you are applying for.