What types of information should job descriptions include?

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Job descriptions should include basic details of the job, such as the job title, reporting structure, exempt vs. non-exempt status, and a job summary. Job descriptions should also list the essential functions, necessary qualifications, and skills required. Additionally, include a statement that your company reserves the right to change job duties at any time and [...]

Why should my company have job descriptions?

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Job descriptions serve multiple functions. For hiring purposes, employers use them to identify the essential functions of the job and the qualifications needed for the role. Job descriptions also help set clear expectations for employees. Additionally, employers can refer to job descriptions to assess performance, make compensation decisions, and identify training needs.

How long should my resume be?

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The appropriate length for your resume depends on several factors. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your wording is concise, to the point, and is not redundant. Write your resume without paying attention to the length first. Once you have the content in place you can edit it to [...]

How should I structure my resume?

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The Following are the most common resume formats that are used and that most recruiters expect to see: Reverse Chronological: This resume format is the most common and it is designed to showcase your work history in chronological order with the most recent job at the top. This is the preferred format for many hiring [...]

Do I need a different resume for every job I apply to?

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Customizing your resume to each position you apply to is critical to make it through the initial screening process (now automated using keyword algorithms at many larger companies). In addition, tailoring your qualifications to the advertised job description is your best chance to be visualized as a strong fit from the perspective of hiring managers.

What are your placement fees?

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For any On-Site employee placements you hire from RecruiterMixer, we invoice a flat 15% placement fee of the hired candidates annual salary. If the hired candidate holds a corporate position, we invoice a flat 20% placement fee.