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Corporate FAQ2019-11-20T19:15:30+00:00
How do I apply to a Job?2019-11-11T12:12:57+00:00

If you are looking to apply to a job directly posted from, you may apply using your resume along with our easy sign-up process. Our site is mobile friendly and is compatible with all major browsers. To help provide the most useful service to job seekers, we will send new open job opportunity alerts via our email job alert systems.

Who can I talk to at RecruiterMixer to help me with that and what does that process look like?2019-11-20T19:19:47+00:00

Your local RecruiterMixer Executive recruiter is here to learn your skills and experience and find the perfect career match for you. Whether you’re an accounting or technology guru looking for your next project, a seasoned professional looking toward the C-suite or an administrative professional getting back into the workforce, we’re here for you. We’ll look at your resume, get to know your strengths, your workplace and industry preferences and you as a person.

What does your service include?2019-11-20T19:21:45+00:00

We provide a fast and effective sales recruiting solution for employers. We apply our rigorous and proven methodology which combines role profiling, headhunting and candidate assessment, augmented with advisory services. We keep you informed with regular progress updates, and provide advice on compensation and contract negotiations. We work for you.

What makes RecruiterMixer different from other recruiting services?2019-11-20T19:24:06+00:00

Unlike general staffing firms, traditional recruiters, and executive and boutique search firms, RecruiterMixer Sales Recruiting delivers an unrivaled success rate, and does this through a combination of sales expertise, a focused team approach, comprehensive assessment, and a unique fee structure and guarantee.

What positions does RecruiterMixer recruit for?2019-11-20T19:26:30+00:00

We successfully build teams and fill roles from the C-suite executive level to all on-site positions. Typical engagements include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, President, Director of Operations, Vice Presidents, Directors, Department Heads, Community Managers.

Are you a local search service or national?2019-11-20T19:30:32+00:00

Nationally, Globally (United States, Canada, United Kingdom)

How long does it take to get candidates?2019-11-20T19:31:37+00:00

The time required to find the right sales recruit depends upon the search parameters, but typically it takes a matter of days to find the first candidates on a search.

What do I need to do while you’re searching for candidates?2019-11-20T19:32:50+00:00

We begin by collecting business and hiring requirements from you. We will also ask you to provide constructive feedback throughout our process to ensure that we find the best candidates as quickly as possible.

Do I have to sign a contract?2019-11-20T19:33:46+00:00

Yes. Our contract covers project goals, process and obligations so that we meet your expectations without expensive surprises along the way.

Can I cancel a project after it begins, if I’m not happy?2019-11-20T19:34:35+00:00

Yes. Our contracts may be cancelled at any time.

What if I decide I want to hire more people?2019-11-20T19:35:35+00:00

A search can be expanded before, during or at the conclusion of a project. Once our customers experience firsthand the quality of the candidates we provide, they often expand the scope of the project to make additional hires.

How long should my resume be?2019-11-20T19:39:22+00:00

It’s okay to use more than one page. That said, be sure your summaries are succinct and relevant—and that your most important information figures prominently on the first page.

What are the top traits you look for in a potential candidate?2019-11-20T19:40:47+00:00

The specific questions we ask will depend on the position you’re applying for, but all our questions are intended to help us understand your capabilities and potential to grow. Generally, we look for a strong desire to learn, high intelligence, a passion for technology, willingness to work hard, rock-solid skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to excel.

I’ve submitted my resume. Now what?2019-11-20T19:42:38+00:00

Our recruiters review job applicants for each opening and reach out to those who appear to be a strong match with the position.
But even if you’re not contacted for the job you applied for, your information will go into our recruiter’s shared candidate database, which means you may be contacted for other opportunities within RecruiterMixer at a later date.

How does RecruiterMixer source candidates?2019-11-20T19:44:41+00:00

How does RecruiterMixer source candidates? Through our resume database, job postings on the RecruiterMixer’s network, tapping into our 155,000+ connections on LinkedIn, and through our deep industry connections.

About Us

RecruiterMixer was established in 2013 under the parent company VendorMixer Incorporated. We are a privately held company that conducts executive search placements for the property management and hospitality industry.


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