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Candidate Enquiry - Looking for our help to match you with any open positions available. Do you want one of our recruiters to reach out to you.
Candidate Enquiry
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Property Management and Hospitality

Candidate Enquiry

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Candidate Enquiry

How can we help you?

RecruiterMixer is a National multifamily executive recruiting company with two primary office locations.

1800 Pembrook Drive, Suite #300, Orlando Florida

Orlando: (877) 343-1244

8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston: (781) 749-4978

About the company

RecruiterMixer was established in 2013 under the parent company VendorMixer. We are a privately held company that conducts executive search placements for the property management and hospitality industry. We conduct placements for all sectors of the residential, military and commercial industries. Our recruiters are well versed and highly knowledgeable in the 18 different divisions that encompass the multifamily and real estate businesses. RecruiterMixer offers recruiting for clients in the Hospitality industry. Our recruiters have the experience and background to recruit for Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts nationwide.

Outside of providing placement services, we can provide consulting services, competitive salary reviews by region, developing job descriptions and much more. Ask us how we can best provide support services to you and your company.

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Types of Property Management

Residential : Apartments – conventionally financed, Apartments − government-assisted and affordable housing, Public housing, Condominiums, Homeowners’ associations, Rental- single-family homes, Mobile home parks, Single-room occupancy apartments, Student housing, Senior housing and housing for the elderly, Military housing.
Commercial : Office buildings, Specialty office buildings, Shopping centers, Strip centers, Malls, Retail properties.
Industrial : Research parks, Airports, Marinas, Warehouses, Self-storage properties, Mini-warehouses, Industrial property.

Types of Hospitality

Convention center, Cruise, Gaming, Lodging, Marinas, Sports facilities & teams, Travel & tourism, Vacation ownership.

Successful Placements

C Level ~ Corporate0%

Finance and Accounting0%


Marketing ~ Corporate0%

On-Site ~ Management and Maintenance0%

Choosing a recruiter can be a hard decision to make and there are certainly many aspects that could sway your decision on which recruiter you should actually use. If you are having any doubts about using our service for your hiring project, just reach out to us using one of the many contact methods that we offer such as email or standard mail. We make it a priority to answer all of your concerns as soon as possible.