What to Do If You’ve Blown a Job Interview? If you are currently looking for a job then you probably already understand the importance of the job interview, if you fail this part of the hiring process then the chances are severely decreased. However, even if you have blown the job interview there are still some things that you can do in order to recover and possibly still even get the job!

First Impressions Count, but They’re Not Always the Most Important

is by messaging the employer, explaining the situation, and asking for a second interview so you can really demonstrate your skills and prove that you can be a valuable addition to the company!

This might work or it might not, it completely depends on the person who was interviewing you and what their mood was like on that particular day.

Be Respectful

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to always be respectful, this doesn’t just apply to job interviews but should apply to everyday situations in which you are interacting with people.

There could be numerous reasons for why you think you have blown your job interview, such as turning up late, stuttering and stumbling when answer questions, not being able to answer the questions, saying something that you shouldn’t have said, and the list goes on and on!

You might be able to recover slightly be showing respect after the incident has occurred, if you are willing to talk with the employer then make sure to leave a short message explaining that you would like to apologize for your behavior – and always thank the interviewer for their time.

Learn Your Lesson

Unfortunately there isn’t always a lot that you can do if you have blown a job interview, we have described some general steps above but you might be able to come up with some additional steps that are more specific to your own interview.

If you have blown a job interview and don’t believe that you are going to be able to recover from this, don’t worry! The best thing to do is to learn from the situation, think about what went wrong and how you can improve for the next interview. Look at this situation as a positive instead of a negative.

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