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About Us - We are a privately held company that conducts executive search placements for the property management and hospitality industry.
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About Us

Learn about our history and work


RecruiterMixer was established in 2013 under the parent company VendorMixer Incorporated. We are a privately held company that conducts executive search placements for the property management and hospitality industry. All our Real Estate Recruiters are experienced in Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors of Real Estate who specialize placements for Operations, Construction, Finance, Accounting, HR, Marketing, Training and Acquisitions.

We have partnered with multiple top 20 multifamily operators, owners, and decision makers throughout the United States by supporting their recruiting initiatives. We work closely with the recruiting departments and hiring managers to confidentially search and network for available talented professionals to join our clients organization.

Residential and Commercial Recruiting

We conduct placements for all sectors in the residential, military and commercial industries. Our recruiters are well versed and highly knowledgeable in the 18 different divisions that encompass the multifamily and real estate businesses.


Hospitality Recruiting

RecruiterMixer offers recruiting for clients in the Hospitality industry. Our recruiters have the experience and background to recruit for Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts nationwide.

Our Recruiting Experience

Choosing a recruiter can be a hard decision to make and there are certainly many aspects that could sway your decision on which recruiter you should actually use. If you are having any doubts about using our service for your hiring project, just reach out to us using one of the many contact methods that we offer such as email, telephone or connect with us on LinkedIn.
We make it a priority to understand the ideal candidate you are looking for to find the best talent. This means that we’ll be able to get started on your project sooner than other recruiters would be able to and we understand that time is one of the most important aspects when it comes to hiring new talent and into your workforce.

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