A Day in the Life of a Regional Vice President in Property Management – A Regional Vice President (RVP) of Property Management works under the direction of the Senior Vice President of Property Management. The RVP is responsible for a large region which could include thousands of properties spanned across multiple states. Clearly this is a role which carries a lot of responsibilities and so there are many requirements that a person would need for this role.

Throughout this article we’ll talk about the responsibilities of an RVP, what their working environment is like, and what requirements and person would need to get this role.

Responsibilities of the Position

An RVP really does have a lot of responsibility attached to their role. The primary role of an RVP is to provide leadership and direction to those below him/her i.e. motivate the workforce. The RVP is also responsible for establishing benchmarks and metrics, analyzing crucial data about the regional performance, assuring compliance with certain policies and associations, and much more.

We have only touched the surface here with the amount of responsibility that an RVP would have. An RVP is responsible for so much that it really is too much to list.

Working EnvironmentA Regional Vice President of Property Management would most likely have quite a varied and diverse working environment, although the majority of the work would more often than not be carried out at a desk. There is a lot of paperwork and office-type work that would be carried out, but RVPs might also be required to oversee maintenance of properties, so there is the possibility of going onto a construction site every now and then.

There is also, understandably, quite a lot of travel involved. RVPs will regularly need to travel around to meet with different landlords, tenants, and carry out the various degrees of work that they have to do for that given day.


This is a role with a lot of responsibility and thus you’ll find that the requirements really aren’t taken lightly, a candidate for this role would need to have the correct qualifications and licenses, and also have a lot of experience in the real estate industry.

Many companies will require a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, usually in Business Management or a related field. Candidates will also need to be well versed in softwares such as Microsoft Office and Yardi.

A person undertaking this role would definitely need to have a lot of experience managing property. You’ll find that many companies might even ask for double-digits i.e. 10-12 years of experience. However, some companies will accept as low as 7 years of experience.

Closing Notes

It’s not exactly a hidden secret that the role of a regional Vice president in the property management arena is a role that involves a lot of responsibility, but this responsibility could be too much for some people to handle. What’s your opinion of this, do you think regional vice president might have too much on their plate? Share your views.

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